Friday, July 20, 2007


Before 1965,Egypt was more liberal,cities as Cairo and Alexandria were more or less of a western style with a cosmopolitan population.Pianos were virtually present in most middle class houses,exotic plants and birds were in most balconies.Classic music and dancing tunes [tango,samba,rumba,valtz,etc.] were often heard.One of my earliest memories was these tunes.I used to hear them when I visited my uncles house.My uncle Dr. A.Seif El Ghareeb [ 1921-1965 ]was a dentist whose clinic was at Fouad street in downtown Cairo.He owned a vast collection of various 78rpm records.His collection finally became my property after he died in 11 September 1965.Most of the songs and tunes in this collection are largely unknown to current generations.I decided to post his collection on my blog,hoping in repopularizing them again.Some photos of my Late uncle are presented below